General Rules

* Pick a single team and a single game a week to win - straight up, no point spreads.

* If your team loses or ties, you've committed suicide.

* As long as your team wins, you continue on to the next week. However, you can no longer use that team for the rest of the season.

* The contest only operates during the NBA regular season, playoffs are not included.

* reserves the right to make any changes to the rules as we deem necessary.


* All picks must be sent in prior to 3:00pm Pacific each Tuesday.

* The weeks start on each Tuesday and end on the following Monday.

* If for some reason this site is unavailable, email your pick to before the deadline, with this subject line: Week #, userid, game date, selection - "1, commish, 10/27/2009, Cleveland".

* All participants will be able to track everyone's progress during the season via this website. See the 'Search Picks' tab.

* The entry deadline is Tuesday, October 26th 2010.

* The first game of the 2010-2011 Season is on Tuesday, October 26 between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.


* 80% of the pot will go to the player who goes undefeated the longest.

* 20% of the pot will go to the player with the best record at the end of the season.

* If a single player has a 25-0 record at the end of the season, the player will win 100% of the pot.

* If multiple players have a 25-0 record, the remaining players will split the entire pot evenly.

* If all remaining players lose on the same week, they continue playing the next week for the 80% pot.

* If there are 4 players or less during any week of the season and if all players are in agreement, they can split the pot evenly.


* Please send any feedback to